10 Reasons to Replace Your Vehicle Wraps

10 Reasons to Replace Your Vehicle Wraps

Car wraps are a great way to advertise your business. When showing-off an eye-catching design, company vehicles stand out on the road and draw the attention of potential customers.

With proper maintenance, vehicle wraps can last around five to seven years, sometimes even longer. But car wraps are not indestructible – they will lose their lustre eventually. Over time, wear and tear from extreme weather and accidents may force you to repair or replace the wrap.

When to Repair Vehicle Wrapping

If damage is minimal such as bumper scratches, it is more cost-effective to simply repair the wrapping. An experienced car wrapping company, such as Big Colour Signs and Vehicle Wraps, can help you save money by making your vehicle look good as new without having to remove the entire wrap.

When to Replace Vehicle Wrapping

Replacing the car wrap is the best solution to severely damaged graphics, but how do you know when it’s time? Here are a few signs to watch out for:

  • Bubbles in the vinyl
  • Fading
  • Distorted graphics
  • Old wraps
  • Collision or accident damage
  • Peeling
  • Stains
  • Obsolete designs, logos or slogans
  • Updating your design
  • Dissatisfaction
Bubbles in The Vinyl

1. Bubbles in The Vinyl

If you notice small bubbles under the wrapping, it means that it was not installed properly. Experienced car wrappers will never allow any air under the vinyl. You could return your vehicle to where you had the wrapping installed or have the team at Big Colour Sign and Vehicle Wraps work on your car, so you do not get another faulty car wrap ever again (click here for more information).


2. Fading

Direct sunlight can fade wrapping colour in the long term only. If you do not have shaded parking, there is a small possibility that the UV rays in sunlight could erode the vibrance of your design after several years. If you have a garage or awning, parking undercover can add years to the life of your car wrap. If fading does occur, it can have a negative impact on your brand’s image, so it’s best to book an appointment to replace your vehicle wrap.

Distorted Graphics

3. Distorted Graphics

If the images on your car wrap look distorted, wobbly, wavy or incomplete, then it’s time to get a new wrap: You want to be able to communicate your brand message effectively, and morphed graphics are not the way to do it.

Old Wraps

4. Old Wraps

If the car wrapping on your fleet is older than five years, you should consider replacing it to keep up with trends and ensure that the wrap image presents your company in the best light.

Collision or Accident Damage

5. Collision or Accident Damage

Getting a car fixed after an accident can be a major headache, especially if it has wrapping around it.

You can ask a professional to replace wrapping on the damaged panel, which is cheaper and faster or replace the whole car wrap, if necessary.


6. Peeling

Peeling can happen with age or from dirt accumulation under the wrapping or washing your vehicles with a high-power washer at close range. The best way to clean a wrapped vehicle is by hand, with a non-abrasive cleaner and soft sponge or cloth. Do not apply strong solvents on the car and rinse thoroughly after washing.

You should also avoid driving through car washes with automated brushes. These tools can peel loose edges and scratch the surface design. If you notice peeling on your vehicle wrapping, call our experts at Big Colour to help you with a new car wrap.


7. Stains

Your fleet represents your company, so you want your vehicles to look their best every time they are on the road. Unfortunately, accumulated dirt from your daily route can contribute to wear and tear.

If you do not clean a spill immediately, it will cause a stain on your car wrap. This also applies to insects that are not wiped right away. When the vehicle wrap is already stained, it’s time to contact us to get a new one.

Obsolete Designs, Logos or Slogans

8. Obsolete Designs, Logos or Slogans

Perhaps your original car wrap had advertised an offer that is no longer available. Or your company is planning a major rebranding. In such cases, you should definitely replace your old wrap with a new one.

To help our customers save money, we recommend selecting designs that are not seasonal or likely to change soon. Our design team offers tips for fleet wraps that stay relevant to the business for years. But if something changes and you need a vehicle wrap replacement, ask us for a quick quote.

Updating Your Design

9. Updating Your Design

Depending on your industry, business trends may frequently change, and you don’t want your cars driving around with an outdated design. When it’s time to update your car wrap, Big Colour Signs and Vehicle Wraps can provide you with the most up-to-date options so you can determine what works best for your branding objectives.


10. Dissatisfaction

Sometimes, you just want to change things up. For example, maybe your vehicles have had the same design for years, and you feel like they need a fresh look. If that’s the case, we can help you come up with modern designs that match your company image and install them in a professional manner.

Drive to Big Colour today for a Car Wrap Change

Car wraps fade or get damaged over time. If your vehicle wrapping is due for a change, look to Big Colour Signs and Vehicle Wraps for striking designs that elevate your brand.

We are a full-service sign company that creates quality vinyl car wraps for businesses throughout Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, and the Hunter. Our colourful, vivid graphics can turn your fleet into an eye-catching advertisement for your company.

Here at Big Colour Signs and Vehicle Wraps, we are equipped with the latest car wrap printing technology and emphasize attention to detail in every project – whether big or small.

Let us help your business shine! Give us a call on (02) 4969 5700 or email us at admin@bigcolour.com.au for any further enquiries.

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