Wall Graphics

Wall Graphics

Our job is to create Long-lasting, durable wall graphics. Wall graphics do take a bit of thought and understanding. It’s essential to use the correct vinyl adhesives. Gyprock walls can be a tricky getting printed vinyl to stick. Sometimes edges can lift and peel. Good preparation and using the right Hi Tac vinyl for your wall graphics is essential. Big Colour has a good understanding of vinyl. We have printed and installed wall graphics over many years. We have hundreds of successful walls graphics jobs around Newcastle and the Hunter. Look in the John Hunter Hospital Children’s wards. These wards are full of floor to ceiling wall graphics, with colourful ocean and aboriginal themes. They are printed and installed by Big Colour.


Make an everyday difference to your staff and clients. Printed murals and wall graphics create feeling and impact. Use the right photo or message and stick it to your walls. Develop a breathtaking atmosphere that you can control with whatever picture you choose for business or home.

Playground Banner - Big Colour - Signage & Vehicle Graphic Design Newcastle
Australian Animal Wall Graphics Newcastle - Big Colour


Finding the right photo or graphic to plaster all over your home or office walls can be tricky. We have access to thousands of hi-res stock photos and images that Big Colour can use to large format print and apply to your walls. Better still, if you have good quality photos. We can print your photos.

Big Colour might need to re-scale your images. Making sure everything fits your walls. Also, we check the resolution is correct to give you a sharp quality image.


Experience is needed when installing vinyl wall graphics. We print to a very hi tac vinyl. We do this because most wall paints are waterbased acrylic. Regular tac vinyl will not stick well to a waterbased painted surface.

When applying hi tac vinyl, you must get it right the first time. There is no room for error due to how sticky the vinyl material is. Big Colour has years of wall graphics experience. We know what vinyl will give a long-lasting result, so your wall graphics look great for year to come. We use hi tac vinyl for Hospitals and other commercial wall application.

AMP Capital - Wall Graphics Newcastle - Big Colour
Compassion Australia - Wall Graphics Newcastle - Big Colour


There are options and different finishes when printing custom wallpapers. We print to materials that give a soft architecture look and feel.

Some of these fabrics are adhesive-backed, but other wallpapers we use work best installed with traditional wallpaper glue. All these options print great. It depends on your budget and what type of finish you are after.


Printing a sharp hi-quality image, all depends on your files. Supplying a low-resolution file will not give you a quality print. Files need to around 100dpi at full scale. We always check your files before printing. We will inform you if the quality is not good enough for printing your wall graphics. Most phones can take hi-resolution photo that is good enough to make incredible wall graphics.

Klosters Wall Graphics Newcastle - Big Colour


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