Vinyl Graphic Removal

Newcastle’s vehicle sign removals

You have a vehicle that you just purchased and it has vinyl signs and graphics all over it. Or maybe you are selling one of your business vehicles and you need the old vinyl signs removed so that your vehicle can be sold. You start removing the vinyl and…. Well, what a pain this job is! 

If your time is worth more doing other things then call Big Colour vehicle vinyl removals Newcastle. We now have a service that takes your pain away. We remove the old vinyl signs from your vehicle making sure all the vinyl adhesive and glues have been removed from the vehicle. We have a heating and steaming process that will remove vinyl signs for your car or van faster and more effectively than you can. If you have the time to remove the vinyl from your vehicle yourself, I suggest you buy a heat gun and plenty of rages and lots of cleaning solutions and get ready for a long ride and perseverance

How much will it cost to remove all the vinyl from my vehicle?

We give you an estimated cost to remove the old vinyl signs from your vehicle. But because some vinyl is easy to remove and others much harder. It is an estimate only. If the job takes longer to remove than our estimated time, we will charge our hourly rate on top of the original estimate. For instance, if we quote the vinyl to be removed from your car in 4 hours and it takes us 6 hours, you will be charged for an extra 2 hours of our time on top of the original estimate 

When you remove the old existing vinyl, will it leave paint fade markings on my vehicle?

Most vinyl signs that have been on a vehicle for no longer than 4 years will normally remove off the car or van and leave no sign of fading paintwork, Vinyl that has been on the vehicle for over 5 years and has started to crack and flake due to UV and heat, can leave marks in the paintwork of the vehicle. We have no control over the fading of your paintwork when removing the vinyl, but we always do our best to buff out the faded paint areas if this does occur.