Car Wrapping Process


Designing a great-looking vehicle wraps takes a good understanding of design, scaling and creativity. The graphic needs to be designed in a way that the vinyl has correct bleed giving our installers excess vinyl to wrap around the curves.

Our designer understands how to set up the files. He checks and prepares the files, so everything fits perfectly on your vehicle wrap.

Car Wrapping Process - Car Wrapping
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A clean car is essential when wrapping a vehicle. We always ask our clients to give their vehicle a good wash removing all dirt and grime before bringing their vehicle into the shop.


We remove all handles and lights from the vehicle. Taking off the handles and lights allows us to tuck the vinyl making for a seamless cleaner vinyl wrap finish. Companies that try to cut around the handles and lights will not get a clean finish on their vehicle wrap and might even cut into the vehicle paintwork in the prosses — leaving cut marks in the paint.

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In House Clean

We then further fine detail clean the vehicle with IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) and Autoglym, making sure all Teflon contaminants are gone from the paint work, so that the vinyl wrap graphics will stick and adhere without lifting. Proper cleaning preparation can make the difference between your vehicle wrap lasting for many years or failing in days.

Large Format Printing

Big Colour is proud to announce the latest upgrade to our printing arsenal with the Epson SureColor R5000L large format roll-to-roll printer. Embracing the future of eco-friendly printing, the R5000L utilizes advanced resin water-based inks. These inks are not only kinder to the environment but also produce odorless prints, ideal for sensitive settings such as hospitals, schools, and hotels. Our new printer ensures breathtaking print quality with vibrant colors, perfect for high-impact vehicle graphics.The state-of-the-art Epson SureColor R5000L boasts rapid drying times, allowing for immediate lamination without the wait, streamlining our workflow, and delivering your projects faster. The ink’s exceptional durability and scratch resistance ensure long-lasting, fade-resistant graphics that make your message stand out. With the Epson SureColor R5000L, Big Colour has phased out previous models, enhancing our commitment to sustainability without compromising on speed or quality. Our clients benefit from the latest printing technology that offers a wide gamut of vivid colors and sharp details on an extensive array of materials. Experience the difference with Big Colour—where technology meets sustainability.

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Printing to quality cast vinyl is critical. Cast vinyl starts in liquid form and is cast into a sheet or form and runs through ovens, evaporating solvents. When the solvents are gone, you have a solid film around 2mil – 4mil thick. Cast vinyl films conform well to shapes, have very minimal shrinkage. Big Colour only use cast vinyl when wrapping vehicles.

The durability of your vehicle wrap is essential, so using a top-quality cast brand film made from suppliers Avery Dennison, 3M, Oracal, Arlon, Hexis is paramount.

Cast vinyl also comes in many colours. Most solid colours look great for full commercial wraps or a full-colour change of your vehicle.


The installation sometimes overlooked by the client who is more interested in price. But this is where a vehicle wrap will either last or fail. Installing cast vinyl graphics to the vehicle takes training, practice and is considered an art form.

Applying vinyl to the car or van and conforming the material around curves, is done using a heat gun to soften the vinyl material. When heated at the correct temperature, the installer can manipulate vinyl into position, most importantly, we understand precisely how much stretch to give the vinyl. If overstretched the vinyl will pop out of vehicle curves and recesses, if that happens, the vinyl most likely will not conform back into place.

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