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There are thousands of brands saturating the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, and Hunter Valley market. If you are in charge of managing, marketing, or promoting a brand, you need to find a way to stand out and make your presence more felt in the public sphere.

There are heaps of ways to promote brands – both digitally and physically. In the realm of out-of-home (OOH) marketing, knowing where to place your ads is important. You can have the biggest billboard in an area, but if it doesn’t lead to the benchmark number of eyeballs, then your placement would be useless.

Nowadays, one of the freshest ways to market your brand out-of-home is through the use of car signage vehicle wraps. Big Colour Signs & Vehicle Wraps offers complete car signage vehicle wrap services—from design to installation. Know more about car signage vehicle wraps and how we can help you effectively market your brand out-of-home below. 

vehicle wraps newcastle
newcastle vehicle wraps


Car signage wrapping is one of the most effective OOH advertising strategies nowadays. This involves wrapping a vehicle with a company’s branding graphics and driving it around to increase bystander eyeballs on your material. Gone are the days when you have to rely on a static placement on billboard ads. Now, you can have your own billboard on four wheels seen across town.

Regardless if you’re driving around town, parked in a huge lot, or caught up in traffic, you will still be able to market your brand effectively with the help of a car signage wrap. Not only does this maximise the use of your vehicle, but it also targets the actual people living in your service area.


In car signage vehicle wraps, your service provider will generally wrap a printed or contour-cut vinyl decal all around your car. It is your choice if you want to add a matte or glossy finish on your car wrap. You can also choose to wrap your entire car, just half, a quarter, or even only place a logo on both sides of your car.

The beauty of customised car vehicle wraps is you have the freedom to execute whatever type of branding requirements you may need to put on your car. If you do not think you need full decal coverage, then you have the option to get other types of decal placements.

big colour vehicle wraps newcastle


If you own any type of business in NewcastleLake Macquarie, and the Hunter Valley, having a car signage vehicle wrap should be in your list of marketing strategies. There are many advantages to this type of OOH advertising. Here are some of the main reasons why having a car signage vehicle wrap is good for business:

An experienced contractor can also remove and replace decal stickers. That way, if you have a new promotion you want to market outside, or if you have new brand guidelines, you would be able to easily change up the style of your car wrap.

There are heaps of companies who go with car wraps for OOH advertising strategies. From large companies branding their delivery trucks to florists and food companies wrapping their delivery vehicles, it’s a consensus that everyone will definitely benefit from having their vehicle wrapped.

Let Big Colour Signs & Vehicle Wraps Help You with Your Car Signage Vehicle Wraps

If you have a Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, or Hunter Valley business, you should look for a car signage vehicle wrap contractor that does the job from start to finish. Here at Big Colour Signs & Vehicle Wraps, we offer a complete service package to our clients—from graphic design, sticker removal, to sticker installation. We will be able to help you market your brand effective out-of-home with our car branding needs. Contact us now and see how we can help you create an impression that will last!

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