Our Vehicle Wrap Warranties & Longevity

Warranties & Longevity

“Big Colour provides a one-year warranty covering any lifting of the vinyl, ensuring the longevity and quality of our wraps. This warranty does not cover damage due to improper care, such as the use of high-pressure hoses or other abrasive cleaning methods that can cause the vinyl to lift. We stand by the quality of our materials and application, promising to address any lifting that occurs naturally within the warranty period.”

Understanding Vehicle Wrap Warranties & Longevity

At Big Colour, we prioritise transparency and uphold the highest standards in all our vehicle wraps. While some competitors may advertise up to seven-year warranties, it is crucial for our customers to grasp the conditions that influence such promises. For example, the 3M series offers warranties that can extend up to eight years for vertical surfaces, which face less harsh conditions. Horizontal surfaces, however, typically have a warranty of up to three years due to more direct exposure. Moreover, these warranties require rigorous maintenance, including proper cleaning and appropriate storage conditions. It’s essential to understand that the practical lifespan of a vehicle wrap is usually between three to five years, depending on factors like geographic location, environmental exposure, and whether the vehicle is regularly garaged. Daily wear and UV exposure can significantly degrade the wrap over time, diminishing its appearance. Our commitment goes beyond applying top-quality materials; we also provide comprehensive guidance on how to maintain your wrap to maximise its longevity. At Big Colour, we set realistic expectations and deliver quality you can trust, explaining the nuances of warranties to avoid any misleading promises. We educate our customers that achieving the maximum lifespan of a wrap involves more than just the application; ongoing care and maintenance are crucial to ensure the material’s durability and the design’s vibrancy.”

Our Vehicle Wrap Info

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