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Your Vehicle Graphics will be installed at our workshop, by our skilled Big Colour Vehicle Wrap Specialist. Installing vinyl Vehicle Graphics or Vehicle Wraps is almost an art form and takes years to perfect. It requires skill to wrap vinyl in and around the complex curves of vehicles. Also, It’s critical to understand how to stretch, heat and wrap vinyl. We have to manipulate vinyl correctly. Installation of vinyl to cars is something that Big Colour takes very seriously. We strive to give you a long-lasting, well designed Vehicle Graphic.


Take a look around Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and the Hunter, and you will see hundreds of impressive designs, clearly printed, sign wrapped Cars, Trucks and Vans printed and installed by Big Colour.


Car wraps, Van wraps and Vehicle graphics, This is a very cost-effective way to advertise your business in Newcastle and the Hunter, think about what your car wrap will cost. But consider how many people will see your brand. There is no better way to expose and brand your business. Think about it, what other forms of advertising give you that kind of exposure for your dollar.

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Big Colour is the Car Wrap Specialists because we have the best team of designers, and installers with years of experience that specialize in manufacturing and applying graphics to cars, utes, vans, trucks, boats, even helicopters! We only use the best quality materials and conformable adhesive vinyl.

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But not the way you might think. By this we mean we always take the extra time to carefully remove parts of the vehicle that are best wrapped under and NOT over.

We do this to protect the edges of the wrap and ensure high quality, long-lasting results. This includes parts like badges, bumpers, and tail lights.

So in a sense we literally take the corners off… to wrap under them.


Big Colour is fortunate enough to have some of the best in-house graphic designers that aren’t satisfied until we’ve delivered our clients a spectacular wrap. Our designers know what makes an effective wrap, and will coach you through the process, giving you tips and their advice on what looks best, and more importantly, what will be more effective in grabbing attention. Our wrap gallery will give you an even better idea of the quality of our designs.
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It is important to keep your vehicle graphics clean. If dirt is left on your vehicle graphics vinyl for long periods and not cleaned, this can cause staining and marks as the dirt can be embedded into the vinyl, especially if the vehicle is left in the hot sun day after day

When cleaning your vehicle graphics try not to rub the edges of the vinyl hard. after all, vinyl graphics are just a big sticker and rubbing edges can cause lifting. Using a pressure washer is also not a good idea when cleaning and can cause vinyl edges to lift. It is always best to hand wash your vehicle


If you are not satisfied with our workmanship we want to hear about it. After all, we want to wrap your next vehicle and do your shop signs as well. We also would like you to tell other people that we did a good job. Cause we understand word of mouth is very important for ongoing business.  

Find out more about our Car Vehicle Wrap Warranty & Post Wrap Care

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