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You’re after a new Sign or Vehicle Wrap and understanding how important your business branding is. To start, you’re not sure how much your sign will cost, and you would like to get a quote. Call or email our team at Big Colour and we will help guide you on what options and products are right for your Business. We can produce, Shop Fronts Signs, Vehicle Wraps, Wall Graphics, Illuminated Signs, Corflute Signs, Billboards, Pull Up Banners and so much more.

We would start by giving you an estimate and ideas on what sign materials and applications would work best for you. When you are happy with our estimate and would like to proceed, we hand your brief over to our Graphic Design team. Our Graphics team will work closely with you in creating a professional design that brings your ideas to life. Your design is the face of your business and having a great designed Sign or Vehicle Wrap will make your business look professional. The same can be said if you have a badly designed sign, this will reflect on your business potentially turning clients away.

lets get started

Once you give us the go-ahead on the design, we will then start by getting your job into production and booking in a suitable time for installation. As a guide, most signage and vehicle graphics jobs can take around two weeks to complete after artwork has been approved. Some large complex signage projects can take longer.

Because we can do a large variety of sign applications, Big Colour has three large format printers, we select the right printer for your job and the correct vinyl and get to work printing. After your print is complete the job is then laminated with UV clear vinyl making your print weather-resistant in the outdoor elements.

We then start to organize the installation of your sign. We work with you and make a time to install your Sign onsite, all Vehicle Graphics will be installed at our workshop by our skilled Big Colour Vehicle Wrap Specialist. Installing Vehicle Graphics or Vehicle Wraps is almost an art form and takes knowledge and skill to wrap vinyl in and around the complex curves of vehicles. Understanding how to stretch vinyl so that it will last the test of time is something that Big Colour takes very seriously, giving you a long-lasting great designed Vehicle Graphic or Sign is our goal and we deliver. You only have to look around Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, and the Hunter, and you will see hundreds of designed, printed, wrapped Cars and Vans produced by Big Colour.

Car Wrapping Process - Big Colour

A good sign is the sign of a good business

Does your shop front signage look modern and professional? Is your company logo up to date on both your shop and vehicles? Is your vehicle a moving billboard letting everyone know what your business is called, creating brand awareness? If the answer is no! and you don’t have great looking shop front signs and your vehicle is driving around with no business branding. You are missing out on telling potential customers about your business, this is costing you money and you don’t even know it. Let Big Colour design your professional image for both Shop and Vehicles, so everyone knows what your business name is and what you do. 

Signs are a cheap form of advertisement. Think about how long a well-made sign will last. If you spend $5000.00 on a sign or Vehicle wrap and it lasts for 5 years. It cost you $19.23 a week. Try finding another way to advertise that cheaply.


look at the work they have produced, This will give you an idea if the company has some creative skill. Unfortunately, in this new wave of sign shop franchises, there are many sign company’s popping up with no signage background and no skills. Most have a generic national website that shows sign work that was not even been produced by the company themselves. At Big Colour you work directly with our graphic designer he has a passion to create great signage designs and has done so for many years. You only have to look at our work gallery on this website and you will see balanced designs, creative logos, and good use of colour.

Making signs is a real trade! It takes years of knowledge and experience to understand good design and what vinyls are to be used on a particular job. There are many different grades of vinyl used to makes a sign, for instance, one sign company might quote on using a cheap Calendared vinyl on your vehicle wrap, and another might quote the wrap to be installed in good quality Cast wrapping vinyl. The quote should be much cheaper using the Calendared vinyl and the job will last less than half the time. The job will fail in weeks if not days. You just have to look around, and many vehicles wraps you see will have vinyl popping out of the curves and recesses, especially on vans! This is a sign of two things, firstly it’s a sign of an unskilled installer, and the use of inferior vinyl. We are regularly removing vinyl that has been installed by other sign companies and re-do the job correctly.

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