Fleet Vehicle Signage

Fleet Vehicle Signage Branding Wraps

One of the challenges of running a business is how to reach your target market effectively while keeping expenses to a minimum. Fortunately, you can do this with signage branding.

Signs are an inexpensive form of advertisement. If you spend $5,000 on a sign that stays up for 5 years, then it would have only cost you $19.23 a week. You probably won’t find any other way to advertise that cheap.

Fleet branding is even better – these signs promote your brand 24/7 within unlimited distances!

Fleet Vehicle Signage Branding Wraps
What is Fleet Vehicle Signage Branding?

What is Fleet Vehicle Signage Branding?

Fleet vehicle signage branding is a marketing strategy where all of your company vehicles are completely or partially covered with graphics showcasing your company colours, contact details, and marketing messages. This way, your fleet not only serves as transportation for staff and equipment. It is also a moving billboard that gets your products and services the market exposure they need.

Think about it. How often are you inside your car? If not driving to work, you might be heading to the supermarket or taking your kids to school. Most of us ride our cars all the time.

And even when we are not driving, cars are parked on a big lot or by the road – seen by thousands of passers-by. Vehicles are a huge presence in our lives, so why not take advantage of this fact and make your business more visible to the public? Vehicle signage helps you get your brand on the move, literally. 

Custom Options For Your Marketing Needs

Vehicle branding involves wrapping a printed or contour cut vinyl decal around your car, then adding a gloss or matte finish for visual appeal and protection.

If you don’t feel like covering the entire exterior of your vehicle, you can always go for half coverage or smaller decals that display your logo and contact details.

These decal stickers can be later removed or replaced if you want to run a new campaign. The cost is definitely lower compared to repainting your car.

Vehicle wraps are great for advertising services from florists, cleaning companies, landscapers, and fast food companies. Some industries actually require vehicle markings, including rail transport and heavy vehicle haulage. No matter what your business type, your company could significantly benefit from a car wrap. 

Benefits of Fleet Vehicle Branding Wraps

Car wraps and vehicle graphics are quite a cost-effective way to promote your products and services around Newcastle. Think about how many people will see your brand – no other form of advertising can give you that amount of exposure for your dollar.

If your company owns several vehicles, here are some of the reasons why you should consider fleet vehicle signage branding.

Get potentially hundreds or thousands of impressions each day

In terms of market reach, vehicle branding beats other offline forms of advertising. If you are targeting a local audience, even a short drive can get your brand in front of hundreds or thousands of people each day with minimal cost.

Generate brand recognition and positive associations

Fleet vehicle wraps make people aware about your company. This is especially helpful if you are a start-up business. Whenever your customised fleet is on the road, you will be promoting your brand. Even when your vehicle is parked, your logo and marketing message will still be visible to the public.

The more people see your brand, the more they tend to think positively about your business. This can help create more buzz and build trust.

Make an outstanding first impression

With a carefully thought-out design for your custom wrap, you get the opportunity to create a strong first impression. And if your slogan is witty and your colours are attention-grabbing, your audience will remember the motif for a long time.

Vehicle wraps can also help establish credibility in the eyes of your potential customers. Well-made decals give people the impression that you are professional, and you take your business seriously.

Turn your employees into mobile ambassadors

With a car, van or truck sporting your company colours, you can send your marketing team to strategically selected locations where you want to run promotional activities. Whether they are handing out flyers or product samples, your employees become instant brand ambassadors wherever they may be. 

Go after opportunities beyond physical limitations

Your company vehicles are on the road every day, driving past your potential customers. These are lost opportunities if your vehicle is unmarked or sports a dull and boring company sticker.

When you have an entire fleet that travels often, you have the potential to reach thousands of prospective customers which you can’t do if your signs are stationary – no matter how big they are. Your vehicles turn into moving billboards that can be seen by pedestrians, other drivers, and people who work or live in buildings near the highway.

Moreover, these commuters are most likely employed with families and a higher income – a profitable market that you could tap into.

Reach your local target audience

With the right strategy, you could reach your target market easily. For example, if you own a cleaning company, you can have your vehicles pass by residential communities or office buildings.

Additionally, you could send your fleet out wherever there is high traffic: near a sports stadium, after a concert, during a political rally, or during rush hour.

Resell your vehicles easily

Vehicle branding wraps are easy to apply and remove. In many cases, they can even preserve the bodywork underneath. In case you decide to sell some of your vehicles, peeling off the wrap won’t leave any marks that make the car look unsightly and possibly harder to sell.

If you do seasonal promotions, simply unwrap your vehicles and replace the decals to highlight an upcoming holiday or event. You can easily remove the car wrapping and revert to your original design once the season is over.

Trust Big Colour For Your Branding Needs

If your company fleet still has unmarked vans, then you are missing out on an inexpensive opportunity to reach thousands of potential customers!

Big Colour is your one-stop-shop for all your branding needs. From design to installation, we offer you a lightning-quick turnaround for your custom vehicles wraps. We also make shop front signs, wall graphics, billboards, pull-up banners, and many more.

Let Big Colour create a professional company image for both your fleet and shop so everyone in Newcastle knows about your business.