Celebrate Your Milestones with Eye-Catching Banners

Celebrate Your Milestones with Eye-Catching Banners

Let people know your achievements.

It’s easy to let milestones slip by when we’re caught up in the day-to-day hustle and bustle of our lives, but milestones are worth celebrating, whether personal or professional. They are the perfect opportunity to appreciate everyone who made it possible and one way to do so is with a banner.

Why use banners for celebrating Milestones?

We believe banners are creative and memorable additions to any celebration, milestone or special occasion, and here’s why:

Banners immediately capture attention

An eye-catching visual will help you immediately convey your message. Our suggestion: choose a short and catchy phrase for extra impact.

Banners elicit an emotional response

You have a better chance to engage with your target audience if you stimulate an emotional response from them and the same goes for celebrations. Whether it’s just made of words or has visuals included, you will be able to evoke the desired emotion with a banner. The effort of creating the banner will also emphasise how significant the milestone is. Those who don’t even feel like celebrating will be convinced.

Banners help set the tone for your milestone celebration

There’s something about a banner that makes a special occasion – or any occasion, for that matter- pop with energy and atmosphere. Banners give your event an aura that nothing else can quite match.

Banners provide directions to the celebration

Well-designed banners allow you to host a party anywhere. Whether the celebration is at the beach, park, or just at home, just put up a banner. People will see it immediately, and the party will follow. Putting the banners at the venue entrance or sidewalk will let the guests know where to locate you.

Types of Milestone Celebration Banners

Types of milestone celebration banners

Are you keen for a banner to be part of your upcoming celebration? There are many types available:

1.  Retractable banners

These are normally used in business entryways, corporate offices and trade shows. They’re simple to install and pull down and they come rolled up in a fixed base to attach to a mounting pole.

2.  Non-retractable banners

Many people like to use retractable banners because they are portable, but non-retractable banners give more flexibility and they have heavy bases to make them more stable in windy areas.

3.  Light pole banners

Light pole or street pole banners are usually used in towns, cities, festivals, colleges, and outdoor shopping centres. They are attached with screws and aluminium brackets to fix their rods to the pole to secure the fabric against the wind.

Light poles are commonly used in museums and theatre productions. They are a great way to brand your company permanently. Maybe you could use this type of banner to proclaim that your company is one of the top employers in Australia? The opportunities area endless.

4.  Hanging banners

Vertical and horizontal vinyl banners are attached to walls or hung from the ceiling and serve as excellent window displays.

Another example of hanging banners is a ceiling banner. It has eye-catching features such as pinwheels and cylinders. This big display is printed with full vibrant colours on stretch fabric and so they are noticeable from a distance, making it easy for guests to locate your celebration.

Things to Consider When Designing a Banner

Things to consider when designing a banner

Designing a banner starts with designing a catchy phrase and selecting an awesome image, but there’s more to it than that. Here’s a few more tips for designing your banner:

Consider a strategic banner placement

The first thing to think about is where you plan to put your banner. This affects your colour scheme and design selection. The colour scheme needs to be highly contrasting to its location.

Use a large, legible font

The primary purpose of banners is to grab attention from a distance. Make sure that the content placed on the banner is printed using big and readable text.

Although size is important, you also need to carefully choose the type of font you will use. There are hundreds of fonts out there and it can be tempting to pick a crazy font, but readability (legibility) is the first priority. Bold sans-serif fonts are easier to read than serif fonts.

Say something simple

Another important note to remember in designing banners is to keep the message simple. The best banners are the simplest in terms of the content, containing few words because the reader will not have time to read a whole paragraph.

Think about the main message you want to convey to your guests. Remove parts that are unnecessary or can be relayed in another way. Use a headline.

Use high resolution, evocative photos

Images serve as the point of focus for your banner. They should be able to grab a person’s attention. They will also put emphasis on your message and relay emotion. Having high-quality images reduces the need for using too much text.

Resolution (how sharp or blurry your image is) is also extremely important when creating a banner. Low resolution photos are blocky, pixelated and blurry. They look unprofessional and can ruin the banner’s aesthetic. Choose very high resolution images instead and make an impact.

Select appropriate colours

Colours are interpreted in different ways by different people, but there are some general agreements. Consider the emotions you want to make your guests feel. Your colour choice should match, to get your message across fully. Here is a list of colours and the things that the Western World normally associates them with:

  • Red – anger, speed, excitement, passion, and love
  • Orange – happiness and vitality
  • Yellow – optimism, humour, energy, and sunshine
  • Green – wealth, freshness, growth, and new beginnings
  • Blue – serenity, safety, clarity, trust, and coldness
  • Purple – royalty, ambition, creativity, and extravagance
  • Pink – sweetness, femininity, and babies
  • Black – formality, grief, seriousness and exclusivity
  • White – cleanliness, purity, innocence, and honesty
  • Gray – neutrality and practicality

Create the most unforgettable banner with Big Colour

Designing a banner may seem straightforward to start, but in reality, there are many things to consider within your budget, but there is no need to stress; the team at Big Colour is here to help.

They are able to provide you with suitable, evocative and great looking options that will fit your celebration. We’ll make sure that the banner will get the party started. Visit us at bigcolour.com.au or call us on 02 4969 5700.