Choosing the right design for your car wrap

Choosing the right design for your car wrap

Tips for designing a more effective car wrap.

Mobile billboards create lasting impressions in just a few seconds if the car wrap design is right. After all, nothing beats an eye-catching mobile ambassador that reaches out to potential customers on the road. However, choosing the right design for your car wrap is tricky. What works well for business executive A may not be effective for business executive B.

Unfortunately, a thousand impressions without sales conversion are like throwing darts aimlessly. Any car wrap designer worth his salt will give you advice worthy of a million-dollar sales conversion. After all, you want to hit the bull’s eyes and laugh your way to the bank.

How to choose the right design for your car wrap

Consider the following before collaborating with an expert and flexing your creative muscles:

  • Who is your target market?
  • What message would you like to convey to your target market?
  • What type of car wrap design appeals to your target market?
  • Is the design good enough to create brand awareness?
  • How can a thousand impressions convert into a million-dollar sales?
Create a car wrap design with your target market in mind.

Create a car wrap design with your target market in mind.

Any successful entrepreneur would tell you that knowing your target market is as important as knowing your products. You may spend thousands on advertising your products, but all efforts and resources will be futile if there are no takers.

A business may target one or multiple groups of potential buyers. Create a car wrap design from the point of view of your target market.

  • Gen Z (born in 1997 or later)

Zoomers put a premium on value, authenticity, and endorsements by celebrity influencers. Why not entice them to buy your products by featuring celebrities or social media influencers on your mobile billboard? Do not forget to display your Instagram or Facebook accounts in graphic design because Zoomers are heavy social media consumers.

  • Millennials (born between 1981 to 1996)

Millennials or Gen Ys have a penchant for travel, entertainment, online shopping, eating out, and socially responsible brands. Make it known that your products are eco-friendly by including this label in your graphic design.

  • Baby Boomers (born between 1946 to 1964)

Baby Boomers are fond of brick-and-mortar stores and are loyal to tried and tested products. They buy new products that are popular among their peers. Do not forget to put your store address in bold letters on your car wrap.

Create a car wrap design that appeals to the emotion.

What do you want your car wrap to say to your target market? What does your brand wish to convey?

  • If you want to push the happy button of your target market, put a smiling face on your visual imagery.
  • If you wish to tug at the heartstrings, make your visuals evoke pleasant memories.
  • If you want them to take action, push the fear-of-missing-out button.
  • Use short and catchy taglines to get your message across. Keep it simple and sweet!
Create a car wrap design that makes your brand shine

Create a car wrap design that makes your brand shine.

How frequently have you seen your favourite cosmetics brand brilliantly wrapped in a vehicle? You may have lost count already. But each time you come across the mobile billboard, the brand wires its name, logo, colours, and visual identity into your brain. It is as if you can see it with your eyes closed. You cannot resist the urge to buy and eventually patronise the brand.

An outstanding car wrap design instils a brand name in the minds of potential customers. It creates brand awareness and makes people recall your brand at the snap of a finger. Here are some tips on how to up the effort in outdoor advertising and make your brand shine:

1. Play with bold colours.

What colour represents your business? It should be at the forefront of your mobile billboard. If your brand colour is too ordinary, play with bold colours in the fonts and graphics. You may put monochromatic palettes that do not deviate too much from your brand colour.

A Big Colour tip: Go for striking colours which catch attention from a distance.

2. Avoid text-heavy designs.

It only takes 6 seconds to view the entire mobile billboard. Therefore, displaying too many words is useless because onlookers cannot read them.

A Big Colour tip: Go for strong tag lines that get your message across instantly.

3. Cut visual clutters in all forms.

You do not have to use up the entire space for images. Leave white space on your graphics to make them eye-friendly. Avoid heterogenous or unrelated colours that clash and confuse onlookers about your brand.

A Big Colour tip: Less is more! Simplicity is the key!

4. Provide contact information.

Your graphic design would not be complete without contact information in bold fonts. How can they get in touch if they want to buy? Your social media accounts and website address count too!

A Big Colour tip: Use bold and simple fonts that are readable at a glance.

5. Remember to add a CTA!

A mobile billboard does not serve its purpose if there is no call to action. A word or two is enough to catch the attention of your target and ring your cash register.

A Big Colour tip: The word ‘hurry’ invokes a sense of urgency. Also, people love to see the magic word ‘Free’.

Create a big impression (and sales conversion!) with your car wrap design.

Create a big impression (and sales conversion!) with your car wrap design.

Vehicle advertising gained prominence because they are all over the place. A catchy headline, combined with a beautiful graphic design pleasing to the eyes, is an effective marketing strategy. Take your vantage point – a busy street, an intersection, or a parking lot. Then, go where your potential customers are – downtown, schools, parks, markets, or shopping centres.

How to turn a thousand impressions into million-dollar sales

Vehicle advertising can achieve around 30,000 to 70,000 visual impressions in one day. An outstanding car wrap will reach your target market, get your message across, and make you laugh your way to the bank. The graphic design team at Big Colour will show you how to convert a thousand impressions into million-dollar sales. Get in touch at (02) 4969 5700 or email

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