Designing Business Signage

Designing Business Signage

Let Big Colour help you design, manufacture and install your business signage.

Howsoever they may be designed and conceived, artworks should always be visually striking enough to get someone’s attention. Exactly which element or principle or an art piece should really be highlighted utilised is up for debate, but the principles apply to all forms of visual communication, including signage.

Signage is a modern fusion of artistic genres and is a style formed from combinations of contemporary visual art forms like street art or pop art, to name just two. On one hand, signage needs to be a complete show stealer but, on the other, it can lose the viewer’s attention equally as quickly as it was caught. So, the big question is this: Is there really an art to pulling off signage designs?

Tips on Designing Business Signage and Vehicle Wraps

Tips on designing Business Signage and Vehicle Wraps

Here at Big Colour, we offer assistance to our customers in manufacturing and installing signage and vehicle wraps and we can also help with your graphic design needs. We believe that signage is the best way for your products not just to be seen, but to be actually noticed. In order to achieve this, we follow a process that we can tell you a bit about. Check out some of our tips on how to improve the design of your business and vehicle signage.

1. Be a hit maker!

What do Roddy Rich, The Weeknd, and Post Malone have in common? You got it. They are all hit makers! Their songs, obviously, stood out! This is also what your sign should do first and foremost: Your signage should be unique. It has to offer something new, something fresh, and something that hasn’t been done before. If you have this, colour, font, style, design, and everything else is secondary.

2. Size up!

Theatre, music performance, ballet, and other similar performing art endeavours value one important aspect: visual impact. Directors and choreographers, as well as the people behind the production, are mindful of one thing and that is their audience. They exaggerate movements, projection, and other visual aspects of the performance so that even the tiniest gestures are visible to their audience’s eyes.

For your signage, you can take a page from that same playbook. Exaggerate, scale up and have everything upsized. Visibility is the name of the game.

3. What is your colour?

Some designers concentrate on contrast, some scientifically use the colour wheel and colour theory (some can get really heavy with the colour meaning and context). However, it’s easy to forget that appropriate colours state a visual symbol to represent the product.

You may have the perfect combination of contrasting colours, but if it does not suit your business’ image, it will send the wrong message: You may know that black means elegance, or white signals purity, and that red is associated with energy, but, if it does not support your product, it’s just useless.

4. Choose your font

When we say visibility, this includes consideration of the most appropriate typography. Most experts agree that words and typeface should be kept simple. Other than your business logo, it’s safe to go simple with all the other written and printed images.

Location is also a major consideration. Is it situated somewhere strategically that it would be visible to a lot of people? Is it a dead spot? All these are equally important.

Let’s discuss the Perfect Signage solution for you

Here at Big Colour, we want your signage to stand out! Want to learn more about designing your business signage? Interested in knowing how vehicle wraps can boost your marketing? Visit us at, call us on (02) 4969 5700 or email the team at to find out how your business can grow when you use the right signage.

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