Everything You Need to Know About Lightboxes

Everything You Need to Know About Lightboxes

How can your business benefit from Lightbox Advertising?

Looking for a way to get your brand more noticed? A lightbox is effective in drawing attention to a message, logo or sign for a business, indoors or outdoors. From an exterior fascia or pylon, lightboxes can immediately catch the eye, especially when placed in a in a high traffic area. Inside, lightboxes can highlight a brand in reception areas, above counters, and shopfronts, with a striking effect.

Here at Big Colour Signs and Vehicle Wraps, we fabricate lightboxes from scratch, out of aluminium or acrylic. The digital images are then printed on an opal acrylic or flex face front, single-sided or double-sided, depending on where the sign is to be placed. Read on to learn everything you need to know about lightboxes.

What is a lightbox?

What is a lightbox?

The term ‘lightbox’ refers to illuminated cabinets that hold and display a sheet of backlit graphic film with a printed image often seen in commercial environments. Lightboxes are designed to transmit light through the film for maximum image brightness, contrast and colour saturation. Essentially, a lightbox is like a chunky, lit up sign. The most popular types of lightboxes include:

  • 3D Illuminated signs
  • 3D lettering
  • Shopping centre light up signs
  • School signs
  • Message boards
  • LED signs
  • Custom lightboxes
  • Fabricated letters
  • Light up menu signs
  • Hanging lightboxes
  • Neon signs

Where are lightboxes used?

Lightboxes are often seen in high-traffic areas such as under the awning or roof, or on the outside wall, of a commercial establishment, corporate building, Nightclub, pub or bar.

Lightboxes are also often used as informational signs, for example, at a retail cash desk, in airports to show directions, as notice boards in train stations and airports, or even as menus and sign s for restaurants.

Lightboxes are fantastic for showrooms, promotional displays and trade exhibitions and shows, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

Why choose led lightboxes?

Why choose led lightboxes?

LED lightboxes have advantages over traditional fluorescent-lighted signs. LED lightboxes are:

  • More balanced illumination of the sign face.
  • Up to 25% more energy efficient than neon lighting.
  • Longer lasting.
  • Safer.
  • Less heavy than fluorescent tubes.
  • Easier to install, with less maintenance time.
  • More environmentally friendly than fluorescent lights.
Why are LED lightboxes great for outdoor advertising?

Why are LED lightboxes great for outdoor advertising?

Outdoor lightboxes are a highly effective way to advertise any business – they stand out at night, they grab attention, and they draw customers in. In general, lightboxes are versatile and easy-to-read, displaying any message in full colour and vivid detail for maximum impact. Here are some of the advantages of outdoor LED lightboxes.

Promote your business 24/7

Humans are naturally drawn to light and colour, which makes a lightbox sign truly effective in attracting attention. Even when the business hours are over, lightboxes continue to advertise a brand overnight.

Lightboxes are quite bright and easily noticeable even at a distance. This allows them to increase brand visibility and reach more people whether they are walking or driving past the illuminated sign.

Double-sided visibility

Lightboxes can be single-sided or double-sided. If the store is located at the end of an alley, then an outdoor single-sided sign will do. But if a business is right in the middle of downtown, a double-sided lightbox is sure to draw attention from all directions.

Double-sided illuminated signs do not go unnoticed – whether from inside or outside the building.

Graphics are easy to update

Commercial lightboxes are programmable by computer, so there are plenty of options for graphics and animation to promote a business. Modern technology may even allow content updates through smartphone or tablet. Lightboxes are also Wi-Fi ready, which allows operators to display social media feeds in real time.

Enhanced customer experience

By presenting information through high-quality graphics inside a store, lightboxes can enhance customer experience and perhaps influence purchasing decisions.


LED lightboxes are proven to be an extremely versatile advertising tool, especially when installed under awnings. During the day, the display will look like a normal awning sign but at night the bright lights and colours perk up. Under awning lightbox signs are effective for drawing attention to a brand or logo hanging above pavements or along sidewalks.

So, how do lightboxes work?

So, how do lightboxes work?

Lightboxes typically have aluminium extrusions around the edges of the sign, with internal braces that fortify the box against the elements. Inside the box is a high-quality translucent vinyl film that is specifically designed to illuminate the face evenly and consistently.

To get more information on lightboxes, or a quote, just contact us at Big Colour Signs and Vehicle Wraps by clicking here and one of our signage experts will work with you in turning your marketing objective and design ideas into an effective lightbox sign.

LED lightboxes are an extremely flexible format with digitally printed translucent graphics that light up with opal acrylic or polycarbonate faces that make them 100% customisable.

Customisation options for LED lightboxes are endless, too: Add 3D light-up letters, flashing text, or multi-coloured lights to create a vibrant and modern lightbox that captures customers’ attention.

How much do lightboxes cost?

LED lightboxes offer businesses an ideal solution for putting up an illuminated sign on a reasonable budget. LEDs are not only cost-effective to purchase but also require less money to run.

Since lightboxes are normally rectangular in shape, they are cheap to manufacture and install. All of the customisation happens at the graphic film level, which can be done by an in-house designer or outsourced to a third party. Call Big Colour on (02) 4969 5700 to find out more.

Ready to put your logo on a lightbox?

Ready to put your logo on a lightbox?

Your lightbox will attract attention day and night, making it a 24/7 cost-effective advertising tool.

All sizes and styles

Big Colour can supply lightboxes in all formats, ranging from slimline edge lit for retail displays to double-sided under awning or wall-mounted lightboxes. After we design and build your lightbox, we will handle the installation as well through our fully licensed electricians.

We can fabricate aluminium boxes in different sizes. Vinyl graphics – digitally printed or vinyl cut lettering – are applied on the opal acrylic sign face and then lit up with LED lighting.

Work with our graphic designer

When you choose Big Colour, you will work directly with our graphic designer who has been creating great signage designs for many years. You can check out our gallery to see our stunning logos, balanced designs, and good use of colour.

Advice on placement

In addition to advising you on design elements, our lightbox specialist will guide you on optimal placement of your lightbox, so it is visible day and night and adheres to local council regulations.

Whether your lightbox is cantilevered off the side of a building or dropped down from an overhead awning, we’ll make sure it gives your brand maximum street exposure.

Contact big colour signs and vehicle wraps

Contact Big Colour today to discuss your lightbox signage needs.  To eliminate any worry, we can even arrange an illuminated graphic image demonstration, to show you how your lightbox will look on your shop

 Call us on (02) 4969 5700 or send your enquiries to admin@bigcolour.com.au.

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