How do you remove car signage

How do you remove car signage

Follow these steps to remove car vinyl stickers easily and safely.

Promoting a company or its brand is a competition by itself. Many companies have sought out out-of-the-ordinary ways to make themselves be seen. One such method to do this is through vehicle wrapping.

But whilst many companies are boldly embracing this form of advertising, some are wary to give it a try. One of their fears is damaging their vehicle when it is time to remove the signage. However, this is baseless because removing car signage is actually easier than it sounds.

How to safely remove car signage

How to safely remove car signage

Follow these steps to remove car vinyl stickers, decals and other signage without damaging the car’s paint.

1.     Clean the area around the signage.

Make sure that there is no debris in the way before starting to remove the signage. It is best to take the vehicle through a car wash before removing the sticker or any other signage. This will help to loosen the glue, especially if the car wash uses warm water.

2.     Apply heat to loosen the adhesive.

The hair dryer is one of the most accessible tools for heating. Using the highest setting, aim towards the middle of the sticker and hold for a few seconds. Next, apply heat to the edges of the sticker for a good two minutes. Make sure the hair dryer does not touch the signage or paint, as this can leave a permanent mark.

A heat gun can be used in the absence of a hair dryer. Keep in mind, though, that it is too powerful and could damage the car’s paint.

Boiling water can also be used to heat the decal. Although it is a bit messy, it will work just if no hair dryer can be found. One may need to pour boiling water several times before it gets the job done. Pour with caution, as boiling water can cause harm to anyone performing the task.

3.     Carefully lift the edges of the sticker.

Using fingernails will do the trick, but a plastic card will do a better job. Have a rewards card or an old credit or debit card ready because the decal should be peeled off immediately after heating it. The decal should also peel away easily from the car if it has been heated up appropriately.

Use a razor blade if the sticker is stuck to the glass and the plastic card is having a hard time lifting the sticker edges. However, don’t use the blade if the sticker is stuck on the paint, as it will damage the paintwork.

4.     Lift the sticker until it is removed completely.

It is normal for the decal to break during this process, so there’s no need to worry. The sticker will come out entirely eventually.

5.     Adhesives, especially glue, often leave residue behind.

One can use a special adhesive remover and a clean cloth to rub the residue gently. Only a little bit of the solution is necessary to remove any remaining adhesive. Just let it set for a few minutes before wiping it off along with the residue and any bits of vinyl that did not peel off.

White distilled vinegar can also remove adhesive residue. Apply some to a clean, soft cloth and then rub off the remaining adhesive.

6.     Rewash the area where the signage was just peeled off with soapy water.

This will wash away any residue from the adhesive remover and prepare that area to be waxed. Check that the area is completely dry before waxing.

7.     Wax the area where the signage was.

It will protect the paint of the car now that the sticker was removed. Make sure to follow the instructions on the product label while applying a layer of car wax to prevent damaging the paint.

How to make sure removing car signage is easier

How to make sure removing car signage is easier

Removing a decal or bumper sticker can be done without damaging the car’s paint. However, there are also ways to ensure that the removal process is a lot easier in the future. Here’s how to guarantee a no-fuss removal of any car signage.

  1. Place the car signage on the rear window instead of on the bumper. This way, it will be easier to remove the decal or car wrap. There is also no risk of damaging the paint behind it.
  2. Affix the decal to a bumper magnet if it must be positioned on the bumper. This means that one can take it off and put it back on anytime they want, just by removing and reattaching the magnet.
  3. If the sticker or decal needs to be placed directly on the car’s paint, ensure to clean the surface properly. Wash, dry and wax the area before putting the car signage on. This will ensure that the removal process will be easier, and the paint will be protected.

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