Out Of Home Advertising 101: Uncovering the Perks 

Out Of Home Advertising 101 Uncovering the Perks

Learn about OOH as a practical strategy to market your products and services.

Big companies like Meta and YouTube believe that advertising is essential in promoting products or services. This is why these big corporations offer various marketing tools to businesses to ensure they are on top of the game. And they are right. Their popularity and revenue in the last few years prove that these social media giants know what they’re talking about when they claim that advertising is crucial to many businesses in any field. 

No wonder many small businesses and start-up corporations do their best to convert sales. However, some entrepreneurs are still often discouraged by the cost of showing off their goods to the world. They didn’t know that marketing is an investment that could help convert sales in the future.

If you own or manage a small or medium-sized business in Hunter or Newcastle, you will want to promote your products and services through affordable means. Out of home advertising, for instance, is a fantastic way to start with.

What is an Out of Home Advertising

What is an Out of Home Advertising?  

Out-of-home advertising (OOH), sometimes known as OOH media, refers to any form of visual campaign usually seen outside residential buildings. Some of the most common types of this method include signage, billboards, and advertisements on street furniture such as benches and bus shelters. OOH ads are also present in several public transportation places like airports or train stations, newspaper tracks, and location-based ad media at stadiums or the movies. In other words, they are everywhere.  

Some of the world’s most prominent advertisers, like Amazon, HBO, McDonald’s, Apple, and Coca-Cola, use this marketing strategy regularly. For example, Apple’s billboard campaign urged users to bring images taken with their iPhones. Those pictures that stood out were transformed into billboards, making fans amazed in return. 

With its popularity, out-of-home advertising accounts for around 29 billion US Dollars in spending worldwide. 

Why Do Companies Love Out of Home Advertising

Why Do Companies Love Out of Home Advertising? 

Here are five perks that make out-of-home advertising appealing to businesses:

Advertising on digital media has been challenging.

Previously, digital advertising was the preferred medium for businesses, big or small. This is because most people spend a significant portion of their day using their devices. As such, online ads have been a straightforward way to reach them. Naturally, it makes sense to advertise where people spend most of their viewing or watching time. However, as ad-blocking and ad-skipping became a thing, reaching potential customers had become challenging. 

The number of digital advertisements has skyrocketed during the pandemic, which has caused many viewers to be annoyed by these ads. Therefore, many choose to either block the ads or simply ignore them. As a result, brands struggle to stand out from their competitors.

It converts sales.

In terms of marketing data, one of the key indicators to ensure success is the sales conversion rate, which is the number of people who saw the product ad and ended up purchasing the product. After all, the primary goal of campaigns is to convert sales, right? Unfortunately, this is not the case with the typical digital ads implemented by many entrepreneurs. 

This theory was proven correct by a recent study conducted by market research company, Nielsen. The research was created for digital billboards and street-level advertising to see how many people noticed the products featured in the advertisements and those who ended up purchasing them. This includes anything consumers see at eye level while walking around.

Out-of-home advertising, like billboards, had the following effects on consumer behaviour, according to the 2020 Nielsen Digital OOH Advertising Report:

  • When asked how frequently they notice digital billboards, 50% of study participants said they see them most or all the time.
  • After seeing the out-of-home advertising, 69% of viewers interacted with the marketer by visiting the brand’s website, going to the company’s physical location, or exploring the brand’s social media platforms. 

What is the takeaway from this study? According to the findings, digital billboards and street-level out-of-home advertising can be practical tools for engaging consumers and encouraging them to interact with a featured product.

Out-of-home advertising has shown excellent results.  

This marketing strategy not only attracts consumers – it also increases the traction of a product’s digital media campaign. 

According to a study by MRI Simmons for the Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA), there was a significant increase in brand exposure when companies added OOH to digital video platform advertising.

Still not convinced about OOH ads? The good news is that business owners do not have to choose between out-of-home advertising and digital media campaigns precisely because the two can easily complement each.

Valuable Tips for Out of Home Advertisers

Valuable Tips for Out of Home Advertisers  

While advertising is essential to achieve business goals, it can also be expensive. Therefore, entrepreneurs should be thoughtful and strategic about what to place in their campaigns.  Here are a few key points to consider when planning any out-of-home advertising:

What is the objective?

Business owners must have an obvious goal in creating a campaign. Is it meant to pique consumer interest? Inform? Excite? By determining the goal behind every advertisement, the odds of seeing positive results are higher than just placing a campaign out of necessity.

Can people see the campaigns?

Another essential factor of successful out-of-home advertising is the location. Naturally, the more traffic it has, the more people can see the billboards or posters posted.

Is it noticeable?

Consumers constantly see advertisements; what will make an OOH campaign stand out to them can affect the overall result.

Which one should you choose? Digital or Static

Yes, digital is where it is right now, but static can also be useful in some campaigns. Choosing between the two can help increase reach the company’s goal.

Who is the target audience?

Not all marketing strategies apply to everyone. There is a specific market for different types of products or services. Placing out-of-home advertising about the latest gadget outside of a retirement building may not be the best way to reach out to young people. However, placing a billboard about it in public places like schools, shopping centres, and popular cafés can have a higher chance of converting sales. 

With all those fantastic perks, there is no doubt that out-of-home advertising is an effective way to reach a potential audience. 

Let Big Colour help with your OOH advertising and marketing needs!

Let Big Colour help with your OOH advertising and marketing needs!

Are you looking for a reputable company that can turn any vehicle into a mobile billboard? Get in touch with Big Colour today and see how we can help you advertise anything without spending too much money. Call us on (02) 4969 5700 or email admin@bigcolour.com.au. You may also fill up this contact form for enquiries.

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