Phillipa Anderson Surf School Wrap

Phillipa Anderson Surf School Wrap


Talented Newcastle woman surfer Philippa Anderson has now launched her new Surf School. Philippa contacted Big Colour with great looking Van wrap design. The design was the creation of graphics designer and artist Chris Toterman. Chris is also the owner of the well know, but underground surf brand, Foam Riders. Who make and print Apparel clothing. 

Philippa’s LDV 3/4 Van vinyl wrap is a combination of digitally printed Avery cast vinyl. But with a variety of spot vinyl cut graphics in some areas. LDV Van wraps have been one of the more difficult vans to wrap. There is something about the paint used on the LDV vans that make applying vinyl into the recesses problematic. We have found it’s necessary to clean the cavities exceptionally well so the vinyl will mould and adhere without lifting. 

The result is an excellent looking Van Wrap, that shows what Philippa Anderson Surf School is all about. I guarantee you will see Philippa’s Van wrap on all Newcastle beaches. 

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