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Many companies call themselves signwriters. But the truth is there are very few signwriters left in our sign industry. Most sign companies in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and the Hunter these days don’t know how to signwriter in the true sense of the word.

Being a signwriter is a trade, this means that a person can use a brush to handwrite a sign. Signwriters are all taught what good design is, how to use colour together and how to set out lettering with your hands. They learn how to use a brush, to paint and handwrite letters. All signwriter have their own style. Back in the day, it was possible to look at different signwriting jobs around Newcastle. You knew the different individual style and could tell who did the work. Signwriting was a real skill.

The big colour difference

To be called a signwriter these days, you can buy a signwriting franchise, a printer and cutter and claim to be a signwriter and start making signs. No trade required, no signwriting skill needed and no design skills. This can be disheartening for others who did their time as a signwriter and have trade skills. Would you employ an electrician to re-wire your home if he had no qualifications? Or use a plumber to plumb your home that has no trade qualifications? We would not!

Over 30 years of industry experience

Making quality designs and durable signs, comes with many years in the trade. At Big Colour the owner is a true signwriter. With over 30 years in the business, Big Colour started signwriting as Justin Lee Signs in the 90s. Signwriting was not only a trade skill but a passion for Justin, Hand painting many signs in Newcastle. As signwriting progressed and printers began to improve Justin Lee Signs was the first sign company to purchase a printer to print and make signs.

These days, Big Colour not only has all the latest cutting edge printers and cutters to make a great looking sign. Big Colour employs graphic designers and other sign trade qualified staff, making Big Colour truly a Newcastle signwriting company.

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