The Benefits of Car Wraps

The Benefits of Car Wraps

2022 is the perfect time to get your car wrapped

Gone are the days when you were stuck with just one design or colour on your car or fleet, unless you spent many thousands of dollars on resprays. A car wrapped in colourful, attention grabbing design, rolling down the highway, is such a head-turner.

Let’s say a fleet of ten cars is wrapped in eye-catching graphic design from the team here at Big Colour Signs and Vehicle Wraps and they travel to ten cities with a hundred commuters turning heads in every city. How many commuters did the fleet of cars manage to grab attention?

Mobile advertisements like car wraps are more effective in raising consumer awareness than traditional newsprint and television advertisements, but the buck doesn’t stop there. Many business owners now realise the potential benefits of car wraps – foremost of which is improve the business’ bottom line.

What is car wrapping

What is car wrapping?

Car wrapping is the process of covering a car with a special vinyl film. It’s either fully or partially covered, depending upon the owner’s preference, but the purpose is to give the car a fresh new look, with colourful graphic design and texture, such as matte or gloss.

What’s brilliant about car wrapping is that the outcome offers a unique touch, unlike traditional spray paint alone. When car wrapping is intended for an advertising campaign, there is a huge potential to hook up and turn curious onlookers into serious clients; that’s why it is fast gaining prominence among advertisers and business owners.        

What types of car wrap are out there? 

There are four types of car wraps. Each type serves the purpose of the end-user.

Clear Vinyl Car Wraps – A transparent vinyl wrap protects the paintwork and retains the original colour at the same time.

Coloured Car WrapsAn opaque vinyl wrap is designed to change the colour of the car without going thru the hassle of repainting.

Textured WrapsWith a wide array of opaque colours to choose from, a textured wrap can be matte, matte-metallic, gloss, semi-gloss, brushed steel, carbon fibre, or leather-like finishes, which gives the car an entirely different feel and looks.

Customised Advertising WrapsCar wraps can be customised with bold product design, logo, or imagery. However, advertising on wheels is perhaps the most innovative in getting a business message across.

What are the benefits of car wraps

What are the benefits of car wraps?

Whether it is for personal or business use, the benefits of car wrapping far outweigh the costs. Here are seven excellent benefits of car wraps:

  • Colour transformation
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Value
  • Protected paintwork
  • Durability
  • Fast installation
  • Vehicle surface protection.

Colour transformation – A specific colour may not be available to a particular type of car model, but car wrapping solves this problem by giving customers a wide array of colours to choose from. Reverting to the original colour is not a problem either – all it takes is to remove the car wrap.

Advertising campaigns – On average, a car wrap generates around 32 to 75,000 views a day, 30% of which are potential customers. This type of advertising is practically screaming your business’ offering and the best part is that the wheels don’t need to be in motion every day.

Value – Car wrapping is more economical than getting a paint job and the finish is as high a quality, if not higher, than paint.

Protected paintwork – A car wrap protects the car’s original paintwork from scratches and dents. It may be uninstalled anytime without causing damage to the paint. The best part is it protects the resale value of the car.

Durability – Depending upon the quality, a paint job may start to chip off as early as two years; meanwhile, high-quality vinyl lasts up to ten years.

Fast installation – It may take more than a week for a painting job to be completed. It is such a pain in the neck to wait. On the other hand, car wrapping may take up to three days.

Vehicle surface protection – Vinyl wrap will protect your vehicle paint from the harmful effects of UV rays and other elements like stone, chips, and sand.

Car wrap FAQ

Car wrap FAQ

Is a car wrap hard to maintain? – A car wrap requires cleaning and maintenance for it to last, but that’s it!

How long does it take to install a vinyl wrap? –  At Big Colour Signs and Vehicle Wraps, three days is enough time for vehicle preparation, installation, and graphic adhesion.

How much does a car wrap cost? – Wrap prices depend on the area of the vehicle to be wrapped. Our wrap division team will help meet any budget.

How long does a vehicle wrap last? – The expertise of the installer is crucial to a long-lasting vehicle wrap, but the materials used are also of equal importance, along with vehicle preparation before installation. Seven to ten years is a safe answer, if all requirements are met.

How do you remove vehicle wraps? – Big Colour Signs and Vehicle Wraps will remove the vehicle wraps for you, since this process requires expert care. If the paint is in good condition, removing the car wrap will not cause damage to it.

Is car wrapping reversible? – As long as it is done by an expert, car wrapping is reversible with little risk of damaging the paint underneath.

Is wrapping a car better than painting it? – Vehicle wraps are more durable than paint. For example, a high-quality vinyl wrap may last up to ten years.

Can a vehicle wrap look like paint? – A car wrap can be customised to look like paint. The best part is that it would seem like your car got a fresh coat of paint.

Is wrapping a good idea? – If you want to change your vehicle’s appearance without going through the hassle of repainting, then car wrapping is worth a try.

What happens if your car has scratches? – Wrapping a car with scratches makes the defect noticeable. This is because the vinyl picks up the contour of the scratched surface.

Get high-quality car wrapping services from the experts

If you want your sales to grow leaps and bounds, car wrapping is a hugely effective form of mobile advertising. Let our team of designers work on your craft. Big Colour Signs and Vehicle Wraps specialists will install the car wrap in a jiffy and installation of vinyl wrap is something that we take seriously.

To learn more about vinyl car wrap and its benefits, call us on (02) 4969 5700 today or send us an email at and we will be happy to help.

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