The Impact of Car Wrapping on Resale Value

The Impact of Car Wrapping on Resale Value

Car wrapping is a good idea if you intend to resell your vehicle.

Car wrapping stole the limelight from car painting in recent years, but not without good reasons. A giant piece of adhesive vinyl film used in car wrapping is a welcome alternative to the costly car paint.

Who would have thought that a giant decal sticker could lift the aura of a car instantly? It is customisable to any style and finish – matte finish, glossy colour, or chrome metallic flush. If a novelty wears off, removing or replacing a car wrap with another is as easy as changing your wardrobe.

Car owners enjoy the benefits of car wrapping, especially business owners who use it as a marketing tool to advertise their businesses. But when it is time to sell a wrapped car, will resale value add to the string of benefits?

The resale value of a car hinges on depreciation. How fast (or slow) a car depreciates depends on several factors like a car’s model, mileage, condition, and maintenance. A good quality car wrap by a professional car wrap specialist helps maintain a car’s condition. It can slow down depreciation.

Can a car wrap fetch a higher resale value for the owner? Is it worth the investment? Read on to find out how car wrapping impacts resale value.

8 ways car wrapping impacts resale value

8 ways car wrapping impacts resale value

Car wrapping can help generate a high resale value in many ways. The colour, design, craftsmanship, quality of material, maintenance, and good condition of the car impact resale value.

1. High-quality vinyl material

The quality of vinyl wrap says a lot about your car. A thick and durable vinyl material will not peel off under harsh conditions and expose the original paint to the elements.

A reputable car wrap company like Big Colour utilises superior quality vinyl film to add higher resale value to your car. That means you are least likely to see bubbles and wrinkles on your car’s exterior.

2. Durability

A magnificent car wrap can last for about seven years. Unlike paint that can fade after several years, a car wrap is durable and can stand wear and tear. That makes it a worthy investment you can count on to give high resale value in the future.

3. Easy to maintain

Car wrapping is low maintenance. A paint job needs consistent maintenance like regular washing and waxing, but a wrapped car only needs a wash down or a quick wash to look outstanding.

It is prudent to keep a record of the car maintenance schedule to show to prospective buyers. A car maintenance record screams responsible ownership and fetches a higher resale value. Of course, buyers would like to see a well-maintained car. A splendid car wrap provides that.

4. The excellent car-wrapping technique

Car wrapping meticulously done by a professional car wrap specialist will command a high resale value. It means no bubbles and wrinkles in any part of the car. A svelte finish will leave prospective buyers in awe. An excellent car wrapping technique leaves no room for error. It must have no residue when the potential buyer wants to peel off the car wrap later.

5. Car wrapping gives the vehicle a personality.

Would you like to give your vehicle a personality? Car wrapping lets your car stand out from a stable of used cars. A car wrap design also reflects the owner’s personality. You can go bold or play it subtle if you are contemplating reselling.

A subtle hue of neutral shade adds value to the car. You may also choose among popular colours like black, blue, or metallic grey to play safe. However, striking colours such as orange, purple, and magenta might appeal to those who are bold and unconventional.

A grand design does not have to be trendy because what is trendy may not sit well with a majority of potential buyers. This is where the extraordinary skills of a graphic designer come into play.

Big Colour has excellent graphic designers who can feel the prospective buyer’s pulse and help generate a high resale value for your car.

6. Options for customisation

The all too familiar phrase, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, rings a bell. John may like cartoon characters pasted on the car wrap, but Jim might find it odd.

The new buyer has endless options for customisation if he wants to change the existing car wrap. He may provide his own design or choose from a string of splendid designs to suit his taste without incurring damage to the car. This extraordinary feature of car wrapping commands a higher resale value.

7. Preserve the car’s exterior.

An excellent car wrapping job protects and preserves the original paint underneath from harsh elements. A car with a wrap, in all its shiny splendour, will command a higher resale value than a car without a protective wrap.

In a nutshell, if you utilise car wrapping to protect your car from aging, harmful elements, and wear and tear, your wrapped car will command a high resale value the whole time it has a wrap.

8. Easily revert the car’s exterior to its original form.

It is now common to see potential buyers prefer vehicles with factory paint jobs. Do not worry too much if potential buyers want your car wrap removed. A car wrap removal by a skilled car wrap specialist will do the trick. Your car will revert to its original form without damaging the vehicle.

After-service support from your car wrap specialist

After-service support from your car wrap specialist

A car wrap specialist who knows your car like the back of his hand will take videos of your car in its original form before the car wrapping process. It will dispel doubts on chipped factory paint or damages underneath the car wrap.

A reputable car wrapping company like Big Colour can vouch for the superb quality of your car wrap to potential buyers. It will allay fears and make potential buyers comfortable with car wrapping.

Does wrapping a car void the warranty?

Car wrapping does not void a warranty if the warranty covers your car; the removal of car parts does. In this sense, car wrapping does not affect the resale value.

Other factors that may affect the resale value of a car

Other factors that may hasten depreciation like the speed of lightning are aging, mileage, condition at the time of resale, accident history, and add-ons. Pay special attention to these factors to avoid pitfalls, take extra care of your car, and fetch a high resale value in the reselling process.

Get a free quote for your car wrap now!

Get a free quote for your car wrap now!

Only the best car wrap specialists from Big Colour will preserve and protect your car until you decide it is up for grabs. The depreciation, like a thief in the night, will rob your car of precious resale value. We vow not to let that happen. Call us on (02) 4969 5700 or email for enquiries.

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