The versatility of car wraps for personal vehicles

The versatility of car wraps for personal vehicles

Reap the benefits of car wrapping for your personal car.

Many businesses use their vehicles for advertising products or promoting their brand. Using car wrapping to promote a business is cost-effective and often gets positive results. Plus, it is not just for commercial use. Car wrapping is so versatile that you can even apply it to your personal car. So, whether you want your car to reflect your favourite colour or art or simply to make it less prone to scratches, car wrapping is the answer.

What is car wrapping?

A car wrap is an innovative way to customise a vehicle. It is typically made up of a vinyl sheet that is applied to the car’s painted surface. Car wraps have become popular on commercial vehicles, as they are a safe and effective way to promote a business. However, you can also apply it to your personal vehicles.

Car wraps for your personal vehicles

Don’t have a business to advertise? No problem. Even vehicles for personal use can benefit from a car wrap. You can talk to a car wrap specialist if there is a particular pet or activity that you want to feature. Maybe you want to show off a personal art or graphic or have a unique colour combination in mind. Whatever your heart desires, your car is your canvas.

What are the benefits of a car wraps?

What are the benefits of a car wrap?

Car wraps can give your car a certain flair and other benefits that are worth considering.

1. It protects the paint of your car.

Many car owners replace their vehicles after five years. If you are one of them, it makes sense that you want to keep your car pristine and in top condition. A five-year-old car that still looks fresh could easily fetch an excellent resale value.

A car wrap will protect the original paintwork of your personal vehicle.  Unlike getting a new paint job, a car wrap is placed on top of the original paint. This will protect it from damaging elements such as rock chips, sand and harsh UV light that can scratch your car paint and cause it to fade. You can simply have the car wrap removed when you want to sell your car. You will notice that its coat of paint still looks pristine as the day you had it car-wrapped.

2. It is a cost-effective way to change the colour of your car.

Some people have an ideal colour for their car that a paint job could not achieve. With car wraps, you can choose from hundreds of fantastic colours. Car wraps for personal vehicles are a cost-effective way to change your car’s colour.

Car wraps cost way less than completely repainting your car. They give you the flexibility to find the design and style that suit your current mood without having to change your car’s colour permanently. You can even specify the exact placement where you want a specific design.

3. Car wraps improve your car’s looks.

A professional installer can apply the wrap in a way that makes it almost impossible for ordinary people to identify that the vehicle is vinyl wrapped. When expertly applied, it will resemble an expensive new paint job.

Whereas paint has limits when it comes to customisation, car wraps allow you to choose finishes such as colour changing, camouflage, matte, gloss, semi-gloss, and satin. They can also mimic other materials such as carbon fibre, stainless steel, and leather. There is also no limit to patterns and textures, including personal designs that you can create digitally.

4. Car wraps are good investments.

With proper care, a car wrap can last a very long time. If installed professionally and maintained diligently, a car wrap can last up to seven years. Typically, car owners start to notice a difference in quality after four or five years as the colour, shine and texture start to show their age.

These are, however, minor and natural, as opposed to the signs of shoddy workmanship. Premature lifting of the wrap because of dirt, creases and bubbles usually happens when a car wrap was not applied by an expert. But overall, having your car wrapped is a good investment that can be made to last.

5. It maintains the resale value of your personal vehicle.

A car wrap covers the original paint of your car, protecting it from dings and scratches. This is a suitable way to preserve the resale value of your car. Instead of worn or scratch-riddled paintwork that could decrease the value of your vehicle, you can ensure that it looks great.

6. It is completely removable.

People who go for a car wrap tend to have many ideas about designs and colours. Car wraps can be removed completely. That means if you want to have a different colour regularly, you can simply take your vehicle to a car wrap specialist. They can remove the current car wrap and replace it with your new favourite colour or design.

7. Car wraps require little to no maintenance.

One of the best advantages of having your car wrapped is that it needs little to no maintenance. Car wraps do not require waxing, so you can just wash them with soap and water to keep your car looking brand new for a long time. However, it is essential to remember to wash your wrapped car by hand, as power washers can lift the vinyl along the edges.

Let Big Colour wrap your car up!

We are experts at wrapping vehicles. Whether it is a company car or a personal vehicle, we make no distinctions when it comes to our job. We use only the best quality cast vinyl and our large format printers to create eye-catching and durable graphics. Customers in Newcastle, the Hunter Region and Lake Macquarie can attest to our professionalism and dedication to providing only the best car wraps. Send us a message or call (02) 4969 5700 today to know more about our services.

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