Tips for Maintaining Your Business Signage

Tips for Maintaining Your Business Signage

Practical ways to keep your signage long-lasting.

Your signage is the face of your business, proudly displayed to invite customers and tell them more about your product or service. It comes as no surprise that your signage is exposed to the elements that can wear it off or cause permanent damage. As such, it’s important to take good care of your signage because their condition says a lot about your business.

8 Practical Ways to Maintain Your Business Signage

When you buy a sign or set of signs from a quality signage company (like Big Colour Signs and Vehicle Wraps, for example) you’ll want to look after them as much as possible. Here are some practical ways to maintain your signage and, by extension, your brand image:

  • Clean your signage regularly.
  • Wipe your signage with a soft and smooth cloth or paper towel.
  • Use mild soap and water to remove liquid spots on your signage.
  • Wash your outdoor signage with car shampoo.
  • Ensure proper use of graffiti remover if needed.
  • Do not clean your signage with powerful steam or high-pressure cleaning machines.
  • Some dirt must be removed right away to avoid damage.
  • Choose the right materials and trust a company that will give you good quality signage.

1. Clean Your Signage Regularly

It is recommended to clean your signage at least once every season or in three months. Dust will most likely accumulate if left not cleaned, and this will not only change the colour and appearance of your signage but will also make your place look shabby. There may also be water spots which create marks and can leave your signage difficult to read.

2. Wipe Your Signage with A Soft, Smooth Cloth or Paper Towel

When cleaning your signage, make sure to wipe it off with a soft cloth so you don’t leave your signage with abrasions. Do not use sponges or brushes because these may be too rough. Avoid scrubbing especially on text. Also, avoid using a cloth that has already been used to clean other surfaces as it may cause unexpected chemical reactions.

3. Use Mild Soap and Water to Remove Liquid Spots on Your Signage

Sometimes, a dry cloth is not enough to remove the dirt on your signage. You may use a damp or moistened cloth to wipe off your signage. If you are going to use soap or detergent, make sure it is mild enough and does not contain abrasives or ammonia of solvents. It is also important to wipe or pat dry your signage as leaving moisture can damage it or attract even more dirt.

Wash Your Outdoor Signage with Car Shampoo

4. Wash Your Outdoor Signage with Car Shampoo

For outdoor signage, wiping with a cloth may not be enough to clean it through because it is exposed to the harsh weather and environment. You can wash your signage with car shampoo if it is made of aluminium, acrylic, or fibre glass.  A car shampoo leaves your signage with a layer of wax for added protection while also preserving the painted surface.

Ensure Proper Use of Graffiti Remover

5. Ensure Proper Use of Graffiti Remover

Before using a graffiti remover, you may want to test it first on a non-visible area of your signage to see if it is safe and effective for use. Treatment must not be under direct sunlight. Wash the graffiti remover off with cold water. A graffiti remover may also be used to remove soil, sand and other dirt, but avoid using it on vinyl text.

Do Not Clean Signage with High-Pressure Cleaning Machines

6. Do Not Clean Signage with High-Pressure Cleaning Machines

A dry cloth, some water and mild soap are sufficient for regular cleaning and maintenance of your signage. Manual cleaning may be a pain, but it gives you the control over the cleaning that every area needs.

Some Dirt Must Be Removed Right Away to Avoid Damage

7. Some Dirt Must Be Removed Right Away to Avoid Damage

When trees and foliage resins, or bird or pollen droppings get caught on your exterior signage, you might want to remove these the moment you discover them, to avoid permanent marks or any other damage, plus, leaving dirt on your signage for a long time may also make it harder to clean.

Choose the Best Materials and Manufacturer For High Quality Signage

8. Choose the Best Materials and Manufacturer For High Quality Signage

No matter how much care and maintenance you give your signage, it will always wear off easily if made with low quality. Paint may chip off to soon, or colours may fade after just a short period of time.

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