Tips to Promote Your Business for the Holiday Season 

Tips to Promote Your Business for the Holiday Season

It is the best time to promote your business and ramp up sales. 

Holiday shopping has become almost entirely automatic and traditional to people the world over. It’s been said that three-quarters of Aussies will spend between $500 to $5,000 on Christmas 2022. This is why many businesses try to maximise their marketing potential during this time of the year.

If you are a business owner still looking for ways to grow your sales for November and December, you are in the right place. Big Colour has compiled the following tried-and-tested tips that have helped many businesses boost their marketing game this time of the year.

Without further ado, here are the tips to promote your biz for the holiday season.

1. Check the trends

Use your social media pages to check what everyone is doing online. For instance, is there a new trend in the sports industry? A newly discovered talent in Australia? Or a new blend of coffee? Find out the trends and use those to your advantage.

For instance, a famous blend of drinks can attract more customers to your café. So, aside from the usual latte and cappuccino you serve daily, adding that new blend could help boost your sales significantly.

Take note, though, that not all trending post applies to your business. So, only utilise those that are relevant to your products and services. This way, your customers would not be confused about your niche while you still attract new clients to your business. 

2. Create a festive social media channel

If your target market can be found online, it’s best to maximise all social media platforms this year. Aside from checking out trending posts, making your social media pages look festive for the holiday season could also be beneficial. This can entice more people to engage in your posts and even drive traffic to your website.

Start by changing your profile or cover photo with a holiday theme. You can also post short videos with lively Christmas songs and highlight the coming holiday season in your latest Instagram post. You can also create polls to determine what your target audience looks forward to Christmas. Indeed, this tip can help promote your business this holiday season.

3. Make a gift guide for the holidays

Let’s face it – the holiday season is not just about festivity and food. For some people, it also means more work to finish to meet deadlines before the long vacation. As a result, many tend to rush to buy gifts for their loved ones.  

Consumers who are short on time and ideas will appreciate a good gift guide, and the more friends and family they have, the more likely they will use it.

To make the guide as helpful as possible, categorise it: for the man who had worked so hard this year, for the women that brightened up your day, unique gifts for kids, and for the anonymous Santa Claus. These are just a few ways to group your offerings to target different market segments. Then, after you’ve finished your guide, promote it via your customer newsletter emails and social media campaigns.

4. Give valuable holiday advice

Do you need more content for your social media campaigns? Think about the products or services you offer and your areas of expertise. Use those things to provide helpful insights to customers and potential clients based on those. This is no different from the content you typically provide through a blog or a newsletter throughout the year. However, the holidays are an ideal time to address their concerns and interests with a seasonal flavour that caters to their holiday requirements.

For example, if you are selling cookware, you can provide tips on healthy holiday cooking. One that sells electronics may offer some tech tips because no one wants to give or receive a gift that doesn’t work right out of the box. Still, whatever the subject, ensure the content contains many search-engine-friendly keywords. Providing this type of content helps promote your brand and boosts your credibility. Moreover, you have little to lose because it is virtually free to create.

5. Have fantastic signage

Here’s another helpful tip for promoting your business this holiday season: get new signage or improve your current one. 

Does your business have a car or a fleet of vehicles? If so, look for a reputable company that creates specialised vehicular signage. This way, you can promote your business throughout your target location. It’s like having a mobile billboard 24 hours a day, minus all the advertising expenses that you will pay for traditional TV or radio commercials.

6. Decorate your company

Do you have a physical store? If you do, you can change your interior to get customers in the holiday spirit. This is one of the least expensive ways to promote your company and convince customers to buy what you are offering.

Festive décor usually reminds people that it is time to start thinking about the holidays and evokes all their positive associations with this time of year. Start with a festive wallpaper that can significantly impact promoting your business for the holiday season. In addition, you can reuse your properly stored and cared-for decorations yearly to save money.

7. Offer free gift-wrapping services

While it is true that there are many shops offering gift wrapping services, providing it for free to your customers will undoubtedly stand out from the rest. To make it more special, customise the gift wrappers base on the gender or age of the receiver. You can also add your logo on every gift to promote your business simultaneously. 

This type of convenience may even persuade them to purchase an extra item or two. As a result, you can boost your sales significantly. 

8. Offer a limited-time, holiday-only product or service

Offering a holiday-themed product or one that is only available for a limited time during the holiday season is an effective way to attract customers and boost sales. 

Begin promoting the product before its actual release to generate awareness and buzz. This can be accomplished through emails, social media, in-store flyers, and signage.

Contact Big Colour, your ultimate mobile signage specialist and marketing expert.

Contact Big Colour, your ultimate mobile signage specialist and marketing expert

The holidays are the best time to ramp up your sales and build brand recall and awareness, so it’s best to take advantage of this season. Without a doubt, the above mentioned tips make promoting your business for the holiday season easier than ever. Do you need help in advertising your business, products, or services in Newcastle? Our team of signwriters can certainly assist!

Get in touch with Big Colour today and see how car wraps, mobile billboards, illuminated signs, and more can boost your sales. Call us on (02) 4969 5700 or email for enquiries.