Vehicle Wrapping – is it worth it?

Vehicle Wrapping – is it worth it

From a business advertising boost to a private vehicle makeover – how vehicle wraps are changing the game

Vehicle wrapping is here to stay. A visit to any parking lot will tell you that. From personal branding to business advertising, it was once the domain of fleet, luxury and racing vehicles. But car wrapping has become an accessible and integral part of the marketing mix to build personal and business brand awareness. But does it really work?

Calculating the pros and cons of vehicle wrapping

Calculating the pros and cons of vehicle wrapping

As with any type of advertising, calculation of an actual conversion rate from sighting to buying is largely impossible since different buyers mostly respond to consistent and persistent messaging over a period.  However, that’s not so say you’ll never encounter impromptu carpark conversations from time to time with a great wrap! But one thing is for sure – vehicle wrapping needs serious consideration as a ‘set and forget’ part of the marketing mix that heightens brand awareness.

Work while you play

Vehicle wrapping allows your business brand to work for you while you’re taking time out for relaxation and family. A run at the beach, weekend soccer or even a trip out for the groceries is an opportunity for hundreds of people to connect with your business identity with vinyl decals, one-way window visuals, vehicle signage or a full vehicle wrap. That’s one key reason they’ve become so popular with small and micro businesses.

Your car Your brand’s personality.

Your car? Your brand’s personality.

Car wrapping can be memorable. I’m sure you can rattle off a few daring bumper stickers you’ve seen in your travels! They say a lot about the driver of the vehicle on which they’re posted and they can reflect personality, interests and values.

Similarly, vehicle wrapping, if coherent with your professional brand, can reflect your business values and show how you differ from the competition. Images, logos, taglines and even photos can resonate with the audience you want to attract. This is a great way to share your brand using a good-sized canvas.

For vehicle enthusiasts, consider side skirts, boot lips, racing stripes or contrasting mirrors. There are infinite possibilities and combinations of printed and cut vinyl elements to give your car a hip and unique make-over, much more affordably than a custom paint job!   Our designers can help with getting the style you want just right.

It’s not unusual to see customers find new affection for their previously tired-looking vehicles after a great wrap completely changes the look and effect.

Where does vehicle wrapping fit in the advertising mix

Where does vehicle wrapping fit in the advertising mix?

While car wrapping requires an initial outlay, it’s cost effective and time efficient advertising. Comparing it to other forms of advertising highlights this clearly.

Car wrapping versus social media

Social media requires constant attention in creating content and scheduling. Even then, your post may disappear within 24hours on some platforms! But a car wrapped by industry experts is like a gift that keeps on giving. You pay once, but your work is done every time you leave your driveway. Washing your vehicle is the only ongoing attention required, so you can focus attention on other aspects of your business.

Car wrapping versus billboards

Billboards are still in use by the world’s biggest brands, and Big Colour makes those too – there’s nothing like a trip to an airport to remind you that! Global giants know that this old-fashioned way of visual advertising is still effective. Car wrapping is similar, except customers follow you wherever you go and importantly, in your local area.

Make your business locally accessible

At a time when buying local is on everyone’s mind, vehicular advertising demonstrates to your community that you and your business, are an accessible part of the local scene. Wrapping can make such a professional statement, it may even persuade a competitor to think twice about competing in a space you appear to already own!

The affordability of decals can even lend themselves to temporary promotions, especially for a targeted and local community. You may even choose a decal to tell your community about the projects you sponsor.

Vehicle wrapping is a gentler approach than TV and Radio

Radio, TV and even telemarketing are effective advertising, but they can bark for attention and can even become an irritation when a customer might not be ready to buy.  But like a billboard, vehicle wrapping goes about its work quietly, gently providing a memorable message for the future reference of your audience.

Is there wrapping to suit my budget

Is there wrapping to suit my budget?

Vinyl wrapping offers personal branding or business advertising for all budgets including:

  • one-way vision window options
  • simple wording
  • spot graphics
  • full colour photographs
  • full wraps
  • Mirror decals
  • Different levels of wrapping coverage, from 1/3 all the way to a full wrap

The digital production process is limited only by your imagination and the design of the vehicle!

Our team of talented graphic designers make the design process a breeze, coaching you through the design process. The gallery of our work is as a great guide but we will quote exactly per your specifications and vehicle. Costs depend on the design, size and style of the vehicle and design, and the time required for installation.

It’s important to note that the flat surfaces of a truck may be easier and less labor-intensive to work on than a highly stylized car and may be way more affordable than you think!

Rather than paying for expensive spray jobs, the durable vinyl helps protect the original paintwork from stone chips and minor scratches. This can be especially important when it’s time to sell or upgrade your vehicle. However, keep in mind that significant dints are best repaired before wrapping to ensure a great finish. If your current paint job is in poor condition, wrapping may not be the way to go right now. 

How long does a vehicle wrap last?

Under normal circumstances, wrapping lasts a minimum of 3 years and vinyl removal should really happen before 5 years. This prevents damage to the paintwork. Brands often demand a refresh after this time in any case and so a vehicle wrap refresh is often well timed.

Installation and maintenance of vehicle wrapping

Installation and maintenance of vehicle wrapping

Once the design stage is complete, it’s simply a matter of leaving your clean and dry vehicle with our installation team for the day. Smaller jobs can be completed even quicker.

Our expert installers have accumulated years of industry experience, installing our quality conformable adhesive vinyl to all types of wraps on all types of vehicles. They read the contours of the vehicle to carefully heat and stretch the vinyl into place without damage to the vehicle or the new artwork. They take time to accommodate your vehicle’s special features, tucking the vinyl underneath and around, (instead of over the top), to create a spectacular and seamless finish!

Our team will provide reminders on the best way to maintain your investment. A normal regime of handwashing is recommended. Automatic car washing machines can damage the vinyl and should be avoided.  By ensuring your vehicle is not exposed to pollutants, such as staining leaves or bird droppings, your vehicle decal or wrapping will stay in great shape until it’s removed!

When it’s time for a refresh, we recommend having decals and wraps professionally removed to ensure no damage occurs to the underlying paintwork.

So, to wrap it up…

So, to wrap it up…

Wrapping your car, van or truck – or even your boat, trailer or crane – is definitely worth considering as part of your marketing strategy.  Done right by the expert team at Big Colour, with quality equipment and products, you’ll get the attention you and your brand deserve!

We know what looks great and you won’t be disappointed with the final result as our mock-ups provide the ‘after’ pic so you can give your stamp of approval before work commences. You can get in contact with us via phone, email or enquiry form and one of our pit crew will be in touch to provide a quote based on your exact specs or we can provide inspiration with our bright ideas and samples of our work!

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