Ways to Properly Maintain Your Signage

maintain your signage properly

Broken signage can be a bit embarrassing for the advertiser and can even be funny to the viewer. Missing letters or words can give an entirely different meaning, and can be good for a laugh. As a result, your sign definitely got their attention, but it may not be the kind of attention you actually wanted. Unmaintained signage is not something that your clients are going to be laughing about.

It can happen to any sign, at any time, and your company’s signage is no different. Advertising can be affected by the elements but the good news is the team at Big Colour can help you avoid such problems. Here is some useful insight about how to properly maintain your signage.

Signage maintenance plans

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Cleaning is just one aspect of sign maintenance. Is your signage exposed to the weather? Any sign that is subject to high levels of heat from the sun will require more frequent maintenance. The trick is to know which materials are suitable for such conditions:  Vinyl, plastic, wood, paint and glass can be used to make sure advertising signs are neatly presented.

Plan ahead

Some maintenance concerns simply boil down to identifying the problem – this is the strength of a proper and regular assessment and evaluation. Make it a habit to regularly check your signs and any issues can be addressed promptly. Consider the following when assessing current signage:

  • Do you need to re-paint a part or all of the sign?
  • Are there any vinyl cracks?
  • Are there any glass chips, cracks or missing panes?
  • Has the sign been vandalised?

In the long run, any of these problems could end up causing a problem, but that problem will persist if regular assessments are not carried out. As they say, prevention is always better than cure.

Macro and Micro Maintenance

Micro maintenance involves the small but important details such as paint choice – there are some that you can use to make your signs look new, while there are also some that provide a protective coating.

Same goes with cleaning solutions: Some only work well with particular materials, while others could be applied to almost anything. This might seem obvious, but these minor concerns can be overlooked accidentally and can cause more problems than they fix.

 Macro-maintenance, on the other hand, is more to do with the larger scope, of which your sign is just a part. From the structure that supports your sign, to nearby factories that might release atmospheric waste materials, to vehicle traffic pollution and even up to possible animal and natural dirt soiling – there are multiple factors to consider in a successful signage maintenance plan.

Let us help you with your signage

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Here at Big Colour signs and vehicle wraps, we are committed in making things easier for you. We are invested in helping you drive the success of your business: Your investment is our investment. If you are keen to learn more about getting your message into the community, CONTACT US today and learn more about our deals.