Why Car Wraps and Vehicle Signage will be BIG in 2021

Why Car Wraps and Vehicle Signage will be BIG in 2021

Know the benefits of car wraps and vehicle signage.

Commercial vinyl wrapping has been around for decades, but industry experts in Australia expect car wraps to grow in popularity even more this year and big corporations will continue to brand their entire fleet to grow uniformity and professionalism.

As for small businesses, more owners will start to realise the massive benefits vehicle wrapping offers to marketing and brand awareness. In this article, we will break down the advantages of car wrapping when compared to painting a vehicle, including cost, completion time, car protection, flexible replaceability…technological improvements in vehicle-wrapping could even signal the demise of painting in the car industry.

Car Wraps for Business

Car wraps for business

How can you reach the biggest number of potential customers with the least amount of money? Commercial vehicle wraps! Here are four reasons why car wraps are great for business:

  • Colourful, eye-catching mobile billboard that runs 24/7
  • Unlimited visibility of your marketing image
  • Lasting impression left on potential customers
  • Cost-effective advertising

Why wrap vehicles in vinyl graphic design?

To reach the most amount of people without exerting much effort, in short.  Every time you’re driving your wrapped vehicle, hundreds of potential customers can see your brand and marketing message.

Even when the car is parked, those who walk or drive by can still see your sign. Instead of placing ads on TV, radio, printed media, or the Internet and waiting for people to find you, your vehicle wrap will go out there and bring your message to your audience.

Car wraps over paint jobs

Car wraps over paint jobs

Some businesses prefer to have their vehicles repainted to display their company logo and contact details, but this can be costly due invalidation of manufacturer’s warranty and decrease in vehicle resale value as well as the initial painting price.

Car wrapping, however, is a valuable way to turn your vehicle into a marketing asset. Vehicle wraps are made of vinyl that are printed with stunning graphics and placed directly over the original car paint.

What Car Wraps Offer

What car wraps offer

Here are 10 benefits of car wrapping vs. car repainting:

1. Dramatic effects

It is incredibly difficult to paint detailed graphics on a car, and the result may not come out looking as you planned. With vinyl wraps, you know exactly how it will look once applied to the car. Even text and graphics installed on the contours of a vehicle are clearly visible.

2. Extreme durability

In addition to looking good, vinyl wraps are extremely durable and provide an extra layer of protection for your car. It can withstand the occasional scratching on the surface without showing much wear.

3. Versatility – wrap any type of vehicle

You can wrap your entire fleet with the same design. Car wraps are made for almost every type of vehicle – cars, vans, buses, trucks, RVs and even trailers.

4. Custom options for your business

Vehicle wraps come in multiple colours, fonts, and finishes that you can customise for a particular marketing campaign. You can even highlight selected areas to give your car a little texture – without any additional cost.

5. Faster completion time

A car paint job takes one to two weeks to complete, as the paint needs to thoroughly dry before getting back on the road. With car wraps, you only have to wait three to five days, and your vehicle will be ready to roll. When you pick it up, you don’t even have to worry about scratches or bumps when driving it.

6. Easier to duplicate designs

If you need to change the design of your fleet, you want the exterior to look the same for all of your vehicles. This is much harder to accomplish with a paint job. Vinyl wraps are easy to print in multiple pieces. Meanwhile, it can be difficult to perfectly repeat a paint job. With car wraps, you will never have to worry about one car looking different than the other.

7. Lower cost

The cost of a car paint job can range from $3,000 to $10,000. On the other hand, you only have to spend around $2,500 and $5,000 for a professional car wrap installation.

8. Easier to maintain

One of significant disadvantages of car paint jobs is that they require a lot of maintenance. You need to schedule regular washing and waxing to keep your fleet looking good. With vinyl wrapping, just wash your car, and it will look great again.

9. Easier to change

One of the best things about vinyl wrapping is that it is easier to remove than removing car paint. If you want to give your fleet a fresh look or plan to run a new ad campaign, removing the old wrap won’t harm the original paint.

10. Higher resale value

Repainting your car almost always results in the devaluation of the vehicle as potential buyers are most likely to prefer the original colour, whereas wrapping your car preserves the original paint, so it looks almost brand new when you remove the wrapping.

Let Big Colour Help You Become BIG in 2021

Let Big Colour help you become BIG in 2021

Your company car can be a powerful marketing tool that creates brand awareness and helps make a great impression of your business. And you can accomplish this with vinyl wrapping.

Installing a car wrap gives your fleet a professional look while delivering your message to your audience. Plus, because vinyl wraps are extremely cost-effective, your potential return on investment is higher compared to traditional marketing activities.

If you are interested in car wrapping for your next advertising campaign, check out our work at Big Colour. We’ll wrap your car and promote your business, so your entire fleet becomes a moving billboard around Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and the Hunter region.

Our designers are ready to work with you in creating durable, eye-catching graphics printed on the best quality cast vinyl from Big Colour.

Call us on  (02)4969 5700 or drop us a message here.

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